Idea Worth Spreading

While thinking long and hard about my senior talk idea I’ve chosen Independence. Not just any type of independence but the type that’s going to get young people through their stages of life.

Independence was always something my family tried embedding in me. I was taught to have less reliance on others and be independent because it’ll expand my horizons and have a larger sense of the world to be open to new opportunities and people. There’s no way you can survive in this world without being independent. Being able to take care of your own needs and assume responsibility for your actions plays a big part in this. While doing research on this topic I found that parents aka helicopter parents in this situation baby their soon to be adult children.

The helicopter parents make it easy on their children not knowing that later in life it’ll be hard for them to actually succeed because their to use to falling back on mommy and daddy. Most parents don’t intentionally do this but being that their scared for their kid(s) to fail when they step out on their own it causes them to always hover around them. I want this talk to be something different that won’t bore people in the middle of it. To achieve this I’ll be establishing surveys to most of the senior kids heading out into the college world. I’m going to talk to different teachers about what being independent means to them then compare it to a senior’s answer on what independence means to them. I’m going to compare this information and inform people on how someone’s thinking on indepence can either be the same or different depending on what type of person they are and how they were raised.

Where Am I?

As time passed and I experienced and dealt with situations my mindset and goals changed vigorously, which is normal.

4 months ago I walked into NFA as a senior wanting to be a registered nurse. But like I said before I dealt with odd situations that pushed me to the point where I changed my career path for the better. For example, getting a part time job at Dunkin Donuts. I got this job so I could be productive with myself instead of staying home sitting on my behind. While at this job I came across very rude nasty people; customers and coworkers. I knew this wasn’t a long term job so I really didn’t sweat it but what if it was? What if I had to deal with this for the rest of my life especially because I choose the wrong career path. This did a 360 on my mindset for my goals. I now wanted to be an entrepreneur meaning working for myself, doing things on my own time, and not having to deal with rude people.

The whole applying for business school scenario never hit me yet I’m still procrastinating because i’m scared of majoring in a study and disliking it in the long run. I lose interest very fast. Even the idea of me being a failure in college is keeping me applying from college. I’m at the point in my senior year where I want everything to be over. Over as in I’m already walking across academy field, accepted into the school I want to be in, and satisfied with how my senior year went.

The next step is crucial. I began looking further into my interest I wanted to fulfil as a businesswoman. There’s many options to choose from. My anxiety is through the roof because there’s high competition in NY and who knows if my business could never take off.

The Last Meal…

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love food. I mean all types of food Spanish food, Jamaican food, and Chinese food. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water but for my last meal I wouldn’t have any of these foods. I’d have homemade hot wings made with chicken wing dings and special sauce prepared by my grandfather with a side of crinkle fries fried in oil and topped off with salt, pepper and ketchup.

This meal is something I ask for all the time when i’m at my grandparents house. Talking about it right now I can taste the delicious spicy&sweet taste and the sound of the fries crunching in my mouth while I chomp away. There’s no stopping while I eat the wings and fries once I’m at it I’m gone. Since it’s my last meal I would eat it outside where I wouldn’t have to worry about picking up crumbs or cleaning my mess after I demolish the plate of food.

I don’t mind sharing my food with others but being that we’re talking about the last plate of food I’ll ever eat. Sorry but no I would not share. The pleasure of eating my favorite food alone would be the best.


Trying to imagine my life without college is fairly amusing because it would never happen. I’m always getting pressured by my family about my having a degree by my name so… hey, why not just do it.

About two years ago I made the decision of not furthering my education other than high school only for that fact that I wanted to live my life, take trips,and see what type of things I’m interested in as a free person before I went straight to college for four whole years. Being that college wouldn’t be one of my options I would certainly become an actor or entrepreneur. I love doing things that would allow me to be independent, do things on my own time, and not bossed around by some crappy manager. I’m the quit a job real quick type of person. The good thing about these careers is you don’t need an education… well you would want to have at least a high school diploma. Even if I were to quit this career I’d still have money so that’s another good thing about it. I would be able to have any type of car, take any trips wherever I want, and live in a decent sized house. I’d have the American Dream life that most people would kill for. But being that those careers fall in the “famous” category it wouldn’t be as fun because I would never be able to go out in public well… alone I should say.

The publicity and money would probably be the only thing that would make me happy. Later in life knowing that I’m just known for my fame and not having a degree holding weight by my name would make me disappointed.

Ahniyah’s Exit Interview: Mrs.McQueen

I interviewed Renee McQueen aka Mrs.McQueen…(my 9th grade English teacher). Getting to sit down with one of my old teachers that I have a incredible bond with was nostalgic and relaxing. Right now you’re probably questioning why did I choose Mrs.McQueen and not any other of my old teachers. Well, even after I left 9th grade she still checked in with me, we communicated, and she helped me get through a personal problem. By her doing this made me feel comfortable with her. You can tell what type of person she is just by her doing that which she didn’t have to do. Not many people would do this for the reason being they never really had a strong connecting vibe with their teachers or even one teacher.

Mrs.McQueen shaped my life differently during school for various reasons. She was always that loving, passionate, and kind-hearted soul type of woman there was never a time I couldn’t trust nor believe her. Believe me there’s no words to describe how much I love and adore this lady…

The advice and comments she gave me not only made me cry tears of joy/happiness but it helped a lot knowing there’s a person out there that believes in me deeply, other than my family…of course…It was refreshing hearing what Ms.McQueen truly had to say about not only my future but me. Her advice reflected on how she thinks my future is going to go. Going back to my last blog post I mentioned that I was horrible my freshman year. I’m pretty sure a couple and I literally mean a couple teachers talked bad about me to her but besides the point she never doubted me once. You know the funny thing about situations like these you can go through hell and back with a teacher and they’d never hold a grudge well not Ms.McQueen at least. I accept the advice Mrs.McQueen gave me. It’s actually one of those pieces of advice I’ll listen to and take it with me instead of letting it drift off. This experience was great! Getting to sit down and catch up with teacher.

As you listen to this voice clip I asked Mrs.McQueen three questions. You might not think three questions are enough but it just depends on what you ask and how. She answered efficiently and honestly which I loved. When I ended this clip it wasn’t okay we’re done and we left. We stayed and talked even more about many things. It’s funny how close you can get with someone that you’ve only known for a couple years hence us not talking for a few months at time. Speaking with her was just a plus on this whole assignment.

The Beginning of the End

It all started when I was about in 7th grade… I literally was a horrible student I jumped from an 85 average to a 72 in the period of 4 semesters…(booooo) I was in SAC most the time, got kicked out of class MOST the time. I was a hot mess. There was never anything going on at home I had a supportive family that loved me and made sure I was straight. So I guess the problem was just…me. It was a Friday afternoon right before dismissal my principal called me down to his office and said “I made the decision of changing your school, you’ll be going to Gidney Ave on Monday” before he could get his next sentence out I hollered confusingly “huh???! it’s spring, less than two months before school ends”… I’m that disobedient they couldn’t handle a few more weeks with me.

It’s the end of the school year I’m moving onto 8th grade. I didn’t learn anything because everything my new school “taught” me I already learned but you know that wouldn’t had happened if I handled my business in the first place.

Freshman year I’m partially matured but not really. I’m sort of on the same path as middle school but trying to perfect myself as I go. I been kicked out my U.S History 9th period class numerous times, phone calls home, the whole run around. I even landed myself back in SAC a few times. Then, a light bulb went off in my head. I was sitting in English class and my guidance counselor came in for a talk explaining to the freshman’s that this is the year where it counts because there’s seniors taking multiple 9th and 10th grade classes because they fooled around. I didn’t want that to be me so maybe I needed to turn myself around before it becomes more serious than just switching schools…

Sophomore year, I’m maturing as I go. Haven’t been in SAC since 9th grade, my grades are somewhat where I want them to be & I’m on time to most my classes…(woohoo). Around winter I decided that I wanted to graduate early. I had enough credits but the only thing I asked myself was could I handle it? Having a full schedule, maybe not being able to be employed since I would be doing work most the time after school. This is my future on the line and I have to make the most of it.

Now the part I’ve been waiting for;

I’m a senior/junior!! I’m where I want to be. I’ve became a way better person mentally and emotional. I learned various things about myself how to control my emotions, be more self-conscious, live up to my expectations and not anyone else’s. Even though these few years were little experience they were enough for me to realize who I truly am inside and out and what I wanted in life.

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